map of ‘our microbial selves’

The September 13th (2010) issue of ‘Chemical & Engineering News’ published this human map of bacterial microbes found on our bodies.

Just like no two human beings have the same fingerprint … no two human beings have the same microbial make up (think about what this could do to the future of forensic science).  Our unique bacterial composition is a factor determining if we are more susceptible to things like obesity, certain autoimmune conditions, and even drug metabolism and attraction.

One of the seven naturopathic principals is: Tolle Totum, treat the whole person.  Naturopathic Doctors view patients as individuals, unlike anyone else, and take many things into consideration when treating patients (not symptoms); each human being’s unique microbial topography is only one small slice of the pie :).

What do you think about the fact that there are more bacteria on the palm of your hand than people on the planet??