Nightshades & Arthritis

I was recently discussing the avoidance of vegetables in the Solanaceae family to help relieve symptoms of arthritis with a fellow classmate who, to my surprise, had not yet heard of this.  I came home to see that my husband had picked up the ingredients to make eggplant lasagna and thought – ‘I need to blog about nightshades ….’  So – in hopes of offering one or two of you out there some relief … here goes.

Consumption of foods from the genus Solanaceae, or nightshade family, (which includes: tomato, potato, eggplant, bell pepper, and even tobacco and goji berry) is associated with arthritic flare-ups.  The nitrogen containing compound solanine is naturally occurring in foods from this family.  Solanine inhibits the breakdown of acetyl choline, causing prolonged muscle contractions and ultimately stiffness.  The compound nicotine is also found in these plants, which is why they can also be so addicting.

The literature includes information on the reversibility of osteoarthritis symptoms.  However, there have been no controlled trials on this subject specifically.  There is documented research dating back to the 1950s (see Dr. Norman Childers work) as well as numerous patients who swear by avoidance of nightshades. (Some would argue that in the 1700’s New England residents claimed that widespread consumption of the white potato shortened human’s lifespan.)

I have also heard several accounts of patients ‘getting off dairy’ and finding 100% relief form arthritic tendencies.  100%.  Simple changes can make a huge difference.

What is your experience with diet and arthritic (or other) conditions??

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