Stephanie Teague’s eco-friendly line ‘Pretty Birdie.’ Shown: Hemp Suit

As far as I am concerned purchasing goods made sustainably (or at least made locally) takes precedence over all else.  An added bonus is when the people making them have good and pure intentions.  I swear, when an artist (or any type of worker really) is content with their life … it comes out in their work.  I find this true for all forms of art – have you ever been served food from someone who is just in a bad place and noticed it doesn’t taste right?

(Side story:  I have sat and served several vipassana meditation courses and the short version of one of the stories that I was told while serving a course was one from a temporary site in Belize.  One afternoon the students and teachers felt as if the food offered was almost inedible.  Anyone who has ever sat a vipassana course can appreciate this, the food is always incredible and filled with blessings and goodness.  The course instructors approached the kitchen staff and asked them if there had been a mix up with the ingredients or if anything had gone wrong in the kitchen that day.  The servers admitted that there had been an argument in the kitchen while the servers were preparing a meal.  Anyone who has ever served a course can even more-so appreciate the rareness of this occurrence.  I personally have taken this to heart whenever I am completing any kind of work.)

Back to the question at hand.  I simply adore Stephanie’s work (shown above and here).  (Not to mention she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, ridiculously talented and absolutely stunning to put it mildly.)  You will definitely see me sporting one of her suits in the future.

Okay – so your turn to vote.  If you were to splurge on a suit:  S.T.’s custom made work, (shown above, about $450.00); or BR’s traditional, though imported suit, (shown below, about $350.00)??

Banana Republic Suit

I think you all know I vote for the hemp ;)!