Green Habits

Small daily habits matter.  I snapped a photo of the drying rack that my endlessly thoughtful mother in law gifted us.  She knows that we reuse our plastic bags and wanted to make things easier for us.  We love it – thank you C!

The picture also happens to show my coffee travel mug (who doesn’t love a handmade ceramic coffee mug?!) and travel loose leaf tea steeper (I wish I could find one online to link).

I have somehow become more of a consumer since entering medical school:  I now drive daily (never used to); I purchased several medical supplies made overseas (went for used and made in the USA when possible); I eat take out (less time to prepare meals); and fly more often (our family is now 3,000 miles away).   I like to think of my lenience as temporary.  Though also – I have become gentler on myself.  Small habits do matter.  I might not be biking to school every day and sewing my own clothes, but I am doing my best with what I have.  What else is there really?

What are your small green daily habits?