Eco-Fashion: EmersonMade

By purchasing goods made locally and sustainably you are contributing to the health of the planet’s eco-system.  Just think about what sweatshop labor does for not only the planet but for humanity.  Please think twice before your next purchase and support the health of our planet.

That brings me to my eco-chic pick of the week!!  Not only is EmersonMade made in the USA but its also made in New Hampshire!!  My most favorite state.  I think the above Beautiful Indigo Blue Shirt (organic cotton!) would be the perfect clinic attire for fall.  Peut-être avec cette jupe:

Ou en jaune:

The best part?  Pockets!  And I hear she does giveaways from time to time …. what’s your favorite look on her site?

Fall 2011 Update:  I’ve been receiving a lot of hits  for ‘where is EmersonMade made?’  They are made in the USA!  Garment district NYC and their organic farm in NH.  Thanks everyone!!