Hello Juicer!

We’ve missed you!

Simple daily habits that contribute to health can have a lasting and profound effect on well being. I love a daily juice when possible, and have done several juice cleanses (and “juice feasts”) – my longest lasted 11 days (!). Its been about 4 years since I have done a juice fast, but I still enjoy fresh (organic if available) juice on a regular basis. My favorite juice is:

• half stock of celery (contains phytoestrogens, aids in detoxification & possibly gout, calming to the nervous system; I’ve used to help with sleep)

• 5 or 6 carrots

• one inch of ginger (measurement system learned at vipassana centers, hope this makes someone out there chuckle. great for sluggish digestion and cold constitutions.)

• one whole lemon (with peel, for added flavonoids, helpful for allergies and in liver cleansing)

• half or whole apple (with peel for optimal benefits of pectin for mercury detoxification)

• one beet (again, liver cleansing)

I typically add some water to make juice easily digestible and for extra hydration. It never fails to amaze me how often I mistake thirst for hunger. Drink up! More juice recipes to come! Happy July everyone!