Music & Nature

Two things that continually provide me with healing, comfort and ease:  Music and Nature.  My mother in law sent this picture to me today.  She took it last night in New Hampshire at sunset.

Lucky hummingbird.  I wish I were in NH on her farm right now!  This photo reminds me of a song that my dad used to sing to me.  He’d pop the 8 track cassette in and we’d sing it in harmony at home, and as a part of our repertory of songs on our way to and from Maine on fishing trips to pass the time.

I loved singing this song as a kid almost as much as I loved spending time with my Dad.  I also remember when I was a young adult upset over a recent breakup my dad stopped my rambling by leaning over with a smile, gently putting his hand on my shoulder and singing the verse that goes something like …. “I’d rather be lonely, I’d rather be blue .. yes i’d rather spend my whole life without yooouuu…. then feather a nest to be shattered apart by the hum hum of your hummingbird heart.”  I guess you have to know the song to appreciate it, but it was definitely one of those moments where you go straight from crying to laughing and definitely one I won’t forget.  Sometimes the smallest things can help immensely.

I learned many things from my Dad’s life.  One thing for certain:  Life is short – stop to smell the flowers & listen to the music.  I’m looking forward to playing some fiddle tomorrow afternoon and hopefully a taking a nice hike sometime in the last few weeks of summer.  What are you plans for nurturing yourself as the summer comes to an end??