What do Med Students do on Break?

A freind of mine posted this blog the other day:  StuffMedicalStudentsLike

This post is 100% inspired by the above listed blog.  And it’s so true!  Med school makes you crazy.  It makes you hear and see things  (I often *think* I overhear medical jargon in airports, on buses etc when in fact I do not).  It makes you paranoid / standoffish / thrilled / inspired / alive and exhausted.  Are you confused?  So are we.

We’re on break (again, I know).  When we aren’t on break, we’re as good as gone to the rest of the world outside our memorization/practicum bubble … other than feeding our face-book addiction and interacting with whatever patients come into the clinic – and maybe any outsiders attending the many weekend workshops and conferences that we attend (this is especially true for ND students).  When we are on break, we are either letting loose at what might seem like odd times to the rest of the world, working, or stuck in between worlds unsure of what to do next.

What do ND students do on break??

1) Preceptor

2) Get sun.  Specifically Vitamin D and not much b.c. we’re all paranoid freaks.

3) Sleep in.  Eat.  Drink.  Walk around.  Usually aimlessly.

4) Research

5) Volunteer in various medical settings

6) Travel

7) Study for remedial exams

8) Work

Note: most of these behaviors (espeically walking around aimlessly) start throughout undergrad in pre-med.  And if you’re wondering why the intense look while we are what looks like playing on our phones … we’re probably using one of the many medical apps that we’ve downloaded or listening to a recorded lecture 🙂 .  Med school is a way of life.  Its undeniable.

Does anyone have any additions to my list?!

Or favorite medical apps?