Confessions of an Ecoholic.

Do you:  feel uncomfortable in clothing made in sweatshops?  Call your credit card company before flying to negate your miles with a carbon offset program?  Take public transport rather than a cab or car?  Reuse plastic bags for your bulk items and produce until they break?  Did you give up bananas because they travel too far to get to your home?  Is your wardrobe made from hemp, bamboo, and locally made or vintage finds?

Or – is this not you at all?  Do you purchase goods from anywhere, because they are cheap or more convenient?  Do you shun the green way of living and think there is no such thing as climate change?  (I’ve heard it all.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about eco-consumerism lately, and how you’re still a consumer, albeit a green one.  What part does green have in todays society?  Can we really handle a shift?  Has the shift really already happened?  It seems like a reality – a necessity to me.  But every so often I am struck by a corner, comment or ideal that makes me think otherwise.

What do you think?  I want to hear from all you ladies and gents rocking out in your everyday life.  What’s your favorite green??  How does it fit into your life?  How does it not??