First day of Fall Quarter, Spilt Coffee and Seattle Rain

It is always hard to leave such a beautiful place …..

Above: Sunset in Maine last night.  Below: Portsmouth’s south end in September.

There is nothing like Fall in coastal New England …..

Surfing ….

Quiet beaches:

Apple and pumpkin everything ….

and lots of family and friends.

I feel so lucky to have grown up in such an amazing place.  I have a recently discovered AMAZING recipe for Apple Crisp.  (Coming from a native New Englander you know it has to be good for me to mention it.)  Stay tuned.

My first day of fall quarter was off to a rocky start when I arrived in Seattle to pouring rain (when I left 2 weeks ago it had been 75 and sunny for 6 weeks, no joke), quickly started to feel like I caught something on the plane, spilt my entire cup of morning coffee all over myself and my car and nothing seemed to be going smoothly.  Luckily the folks at my favorite coffee shop were willing to replace it, my best friend is in town, and I got some very good news about the NPLEX board exams.  Looks like the roller coaster ride is just getting started.  Oh, and so is ski season (soon enough at least – we just booked opening weekend at Whistler 🙂 ).  Full cup o Joe and things are looking up!

Here is a little inspiration for all my ND friends (courtesy of Dr. Kat Martin).

Back to school time!!  Hope you all had a good day back.