October Edition of Hand-warmers!

In Chinese medicine fall is represented by the element Metal.  Metal is: inward, contracting, yin, lung, grief, dryness & sadness.  Seems rather fitting, n’est pas?  Crackling leaves, halloween, harvest time …

jin ~ metal

I was feeling festive, nostalgic and in need of some yin time after my clinic shift last night.  I know those don’t normally go together, but last night they did.  (Though a festive time-of-year eliciting memories that no-longer-can-be is nostalgia, right?  Okay, justified.)

I headed straight to my sewing machine, took a few deep breaths and began to relax after an intense day all around.  Creative outlets are SO important.  Especially as a physician-in-training.  Don’t you agree?  Though I am more than thrilled with my chosen profession, I could not live without creative expression.

I made these with reclaimed organic cotton (orange and white stripes) and bamboo jersey material (green).  I gifted them to my med school mentor, who has shown me the ropes, and even handed me a few.  Thank you L, you are a born healer and your compassion is so genuine it is tangible.

What are your creative outlets after an intense day or otherwise?


Shirt: EmersonMade (Made in the USA, bien sur.) Check back for more about this incredible New Hampshire based company, EmersonMade very sooon!! Happy October friends!