Birth Stories

Yesterday, in our Normal Maternity class, some of us shared birth stories, mostly those of our mothers.  We had done this in another course I had taken, Midwifery Wisdom, and I think we also did it in Doula Training.  It is a powerful experience, especially if done in a small group, where you feel supported (especially if you know it might be stirring for you).  It was an honor to cherish what our mothers have been through for us and our siblings.  I hope to do this again with some of my colleagues, patients and friends.

I especially loved hearing my Mom tell me about how she and my Dad found out that she was carrying me.  She was 43 when she had me (and my Dad was 48), so they were extra surprised to learn that their 5th child was on the way.  They certainly did not expect it!

My Mom: gracefully raising five kids.

Have you ever asked your mother to tell you the story of your birth or conception?  What is your favorite part?


photo credit (tree):  Alekme jewlery, the amazing LA based husband and wife duo that I blogged about here.  What’s not to love about their environmentally conscious work, lifestyle and perception?  They set the bar pretty high, both in environmental standards and design.

And I’m pretty sure my Dad took the picture of me and my mom :).