singing in the rain ….

Fair enough – I am from New England.  I am used to the cold.

Photo: Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME in December.  I have spent hundreds of mornings starring at/working from this amazing view.

But really, crisp cold snow is much different than drizzling wet rain.

Living in Seattle has taught me to work the rain.  Here are a few of my favorite rainy day places and things.

Studying at sellar tea houses in Seattle.  Pictured here: Miro Tea in Ballard.

My Nike Free running sneakers:

Perfect for running in the rain and mud.  I’ve thrown them in the washing machine and they come out like new and dry very quickly.  I find staying active despite the rain very important to my well-being.  And let’s face it, there is nothing like a run in the rain to remind you that you are alive.

Water-fronts and water-front trail running:

Dinner Parties with friends and candle lit evenings.

Complete with hand harvested herb infused wine 🙂  (Many of my friends are ND students after-all … what do you expect?)  Amazing meals at restaurants serving locally derived cuisine.  We had the best meal at Emmer & Rye in Queen Anne this weekend.  Their Cauliflower Salad is over the moon good.  (Photo by Emmer&Rye.)

Comfort food that’s healthy (Gluten free goat cheese and vegetable crepe@Miro):

And the sun slowly peeking out beneath the clouds on a dewy morning.

What do you do to beat the rainy day blues?


First picture above courtesy of Perkins Cove ‘fan’ page on facebook 🙂 .