It has been a very busy few weeks!  Hence the lack of posts.  Some highlights:

Diwali: Celebrating life and light with some close friends on the anniversary of my father's passing.

Trick or treaters …

and Halloween celebrations:

Two weeks worth of midterms …..

Amidst five family members’ birthdays (holy Scorpios).

Seattle hail storm, complete with thunder and lighting:

Seattle hail storm last night

And wedding planning with my amazing cousin’s fiancée!

a late night photo from our all day wedding 🙂

All of our hand picked apples are gone.  Goodbye Fall!!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about prebiotics and gut health.

Chicory Root (above), along with artichoke and onions are foods that contain prebiotics.

Hope you all had a good two weeks.  And congratulations to Emily – the winner of the EmersonMade giveaway!  More giveaways on the horizon!  Check back :).