Guest post by Chanel Luck: Viparita Karani

Today’s post if for all you runners out there recovering from this weekend’s marathon!  And for all you shoppers and retail clerks who spent all of Black Friday on your feet :).  I was lucky to spend all weekend skiing and eating, so I’ll join you all in benefiting from some time spent in a relaxing inversion.

Speaking of Luck – I am very blessed to have crossed paths with so many amazing yogis thus far in my life and I would like to start sharing a pose each month and tell you all a bit about the benefits.  This month I asked my friend, the one and only Chanel Luck from YogaThree to share some thoughts about my favorite yoga pose:  Viparita Karani (I might actually like saying it as much as I like doing it ….).

Chanel Luck of YogaThree

First of all let’s just say that with a name like Chanel Luck, you know this girl is destined for greatness.  I wouldn’t be shy about asking her to blow on my dice at the craps table either … but that’s besides the point – back to the yoga talk!

Viparita is a wonderful pose to induce relaxation and relieve tension.
Without further ado – Viparita, byChanel:
Viparita Karani: Legs up the wall
Key Actions & Alignment:

  • Laying on the back, extend   the legs up until the feet stack on top of the hips.
  • Ground the spine into the earth, and relax the torso as much as possible
  • Use a wall for support, working the sit bones up to the wall, and resting the heels against the wall
  • Alternatively work in the middle of the room with the legs in limbo, with the option of placing a block underneath the sacrum
  • Allow the throat to be open and soft


  • Relieves tired or cramped legs and feet
  • Gently stretches the back legs, front torso, and the back of the neck
  • Relieves mild backache
  • Passive inversion
  • Good for varicose veins
Chanel is the co-creator and director of YogaThree and The Radiant Yoga School in Boston and Sydney, Australia.  She also co-founded the not for profit, Yoga For Single Moms and Global Mala Boston.  She has taught yoga to all levels and abilities – including the Harvard swim team, celebrities, Olympic athletes, busy professionals and people ages 10 – 72.  In addition to holding yoga teaching certifications in four different styles of yoga she is also a Cranial Sacral Therapist and Certified Postural and Movement Analyst through Tom Myers.  To read Chanel’s full bio please click here.  

“My greatest wish as a yoga teacher  and bodyworker  is to help my students and clients  feel powerful in their bodies, find their inner strength, heal, and connect to their hearts.”


Thank you Chanel for the guest post!!  Enjoy everyone!