Eco-Fashion Giveaway: Pretty Birdie by Stephanie Teague

Transition in style from winter to spring this year without compromising your Green resolutions.  Enter to win this Pretty Birdie Hemp Denim Blazer Giveaway – right here and now!

     Ecouture at it’s best – by Stephanie Teague.

Stephanie Teague is the creative genius behind the eco-line Pretty Birdie based in Greensboro, North Carolina.  I’ve blogged about her awesome suits before here.  She uses all sustainable materials, hand dyes the organic fabrics with eco-friendly dyes and hand makes each item.  Most of her items are made to order.  With pieces like this wedding gown (which makes me want to get married all over again):

This suit:

Stephanie Teague's line 'Pretty Birdie' Hemp Suit

And this dress (I mean – common!):

"Military Dress" by Pretty Birdie

Who can resist?  Pas moi.  Let alone Steph (pictured above) is gorgeous, amazingly kind and seriously talented.  Support the green movement and check out her work here:  Pretty Birdie, full of wardrobe essentials for every woman.  Sans Carbon Footprint.


Where do your get your inspiration?

I am inspired by so much. Nature is a huge source of inspiration as well as anything from the 20’s or 30’s. I love primitive antiques and most anything shabby chic. I am inspired by the idea of the classic upscale woman and how I might translate that organically.


What do you do to stay healthy?  Do you have any health tips for our readers? 

I see a naturopath who keeps me on a regimen of specific herbs and vitamins to support my body and keep me balanced. I have had a drastic change in my health in the 3 years I have been seeing an ND. I feel like everyone should see a naturopath, whenever possible, for any ailments. You will me amazed at the quality or care and help they can be. I eat lots of fresh and local foods, nothing processed or even canned, we are always eating home cookin’ at our house. I am so lucky, my husband is an amazing cook. I meditate every day, which has been a huge addition and help for me. I feel much more balanced and rested with meditation. I walk and do yoga when I can but sometimes find it hard to fit in exercise with everything else but I can always tell a huge difference when I am just moving my body, even just a walk around the block with the dogs. I think health is a balance of everything in your life and has a lot to do with your mindset as well.  The most important thing I think I’ve learned, and am still working on, is to Love yourself, really love yourself and be good to you, first and foremost. It may sound selfish but you will have so much more to give if you take care of you before everyone else.


Five things you can’t live without?

My husband, my dogs and cat, my herbs, my collection of vintage blazers and coats and my friends.


Must have pieces for the eco-chic wardrobe from your line?

Definitely my blazers and bamboo pencil skirts. They both can be dressed up or down and worn season to season and year to year.


Who do you have in mind when you create your pieces?

The modern, classic eco friendly woman with an edge who buys for quality vs quantity.


What inspired you to be a green designer? 

I think my lifestyle just bled over into my professional … It truly is a reflection of me.


Favorite articles of clothing/jewelry?

My collection of vintage blazers and the jewelry my husband has made for me.


Thank you Steph!  I am so excited to share your work with my readers!  To enter the giveaway just leave a comment here.  Tell us your favorite green tip, favorite piece from Pretty Birdie OR just let us know that you’d like to be entered :).  You can like Pretty Birdie on facebook, and follow on twitter for extra enteries (if you are already a fan than this is automatic).  Same goes for the Green Pulse’s social media (twitter and facebook).  And ReTweet for an extra entry too!!  Good luck everyone!  Random winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.