When I started this blog almost exactly a year ago I thought I’d post an ‘eco chic pick of the week’ on a regular basis.  But, time is of the essence (for a med student & for all of us), so – such is life!  What do you think about this company?  Started by a mother and daughter team (that alone had me at hello …), they boast bright colors, sustainable options, lots of reusable shopping bags and the leather goods are made on the east coast in NYC to top it off.  Makes it much easier to remember your bags when you head out for some groceries.

Nylon reusables above and of course Neon for Spring:

Above from the leather collection and below from the Recycled Cotton Canvas collection.  I’ve got a thing for stripes – this recycled canvas laptop bag is my favorite:

 Shop the entire collection here:  Baggu or take a stroll though one of my favorite online shops offering their products here:  Pretty Mommy.  What’s your favorite look on their site?  Cheers to the beginning of Spring quarter Bastyr friends.