Full Moon Musings

full moon rising, wells beach Maine, Sept. 2011

full moon rising, wells beach Maine, Sept. 2011

Growing up near the ocean, I never really questioned the moon’s impact on our earth, I witnessed it first hand.  Spring tide, neap tide, new and full moons all had huge impacts on the tides (and in my family … the fishing and an occasional full moon surf 😉 ).  Have you ever sat and watched the moon rise?

The full moon gives us an opportunity to reflect and release.  Many think of it as a time to let go of whatever burdens or griefs just aren’t serving us.  I like to honor it as a larger part of giving thanks to the mysteries that make up this big beautiful.  There are also some very special rituals in various forms of ancient medicine & yogic tradition that include honoring the new and full moons.

Nourishing Traditions:  Some say that the rise in mental illness (think luna, or lunatics) stems from the lack of ceremony in our culture.  Psych wards also notice this phenomena, and many note the rise in psychotic episodes around the full moon (coincidence?).  Ceremonies don’t have to make you uncomfortable or force you to go barefoot.  Sharing meals with friends and loving the people in your life unconditionally can be a way to connect to something greater than the tangible.

As an ND student, I’ve witnessed the rise in numerous menstrual irregularities among our population.  Many integrative practitioners agree that the female cycle aligns with the lunar cycle when we are harmonious with the earth (this doesn’t mean it has to … for you to be healthy by any means).  Some of my favorite treatment plans for anovulatory cycles involve paying attention to the lunar cycles and spending some extra time in the light of the moon when it’s full and making your bedroom (for example) darker (covering your alarm clock light etc) during the new moon.  This protocol can also include 2 weeks of nuts, seeds and oils that increase progesterone followed by 2 weeks of nuts, seeds and oils that work more on estrogen.  (I love naturopathic medicine.)  See your Naturopathic Doctor for more on this, you can find one here.

And last but most certainly not least: Biodynamic agriculture also considers solar & lunar cycles and rhythms as central to cultivating our food (nourishment/life force/vitality/nutrition).  I have a close friend who is an expert in this field …. I’m hoping to have her share some insight about this incredible system with you all soon.  (No pressure Jennie 😉 )

Do you acknowledge the lunar cycles?  Enjoy the full moon this evening friends.