Loving Kindness

Love tells me I am everything. Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Between these two, my life flows. Nisargadatta

One of my teachers at Bastyr once said that all illness comes from home sickness.  It’s not being at home in our bodies or surroundings.  That could mean making changes in your daily routine or environment to make you feel more alive, present and at home in your own life, or cleansing your body or mind to make it a more comfortable place for you to live.  It could mean going for it – and making your dreams a reality, or stepping back from the craziness of our fast paced, fast food lifestyle full of unnecessary obligation and commitments. What do you think about this?  Have you ever felt homesick in your own body?

Of all the things I have ever done (‘put myself though’ might be a better way to put it) I have to say that my time at vipassana centers and learning loving kindness meditation has allowed me to access this feeling of coming home and feeling at peace with all that is.  How about you?