48 Hours in Chicago

I arrived in Chicago around 8pm on Thursday night to a heard of paparazzi.  The doorman helped me out of my cab, winked at me and joked: ‘They knew you were coming.’  I instantly knew this was going to be an exiting first trip through the city, despite the unresolved turmoil and marathon negotiations occurring inside the hotel.  (Posted a week late – apologies I’ve been busy having fun and not-so-much online!)

view from the cab

I’d just finished a week of preceptoring at Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL, which was an amazing experience that I hope to tell you more about soon.  There is a lot that NDs can do for cancer patients to help minimize the side effects, & increase efficacy of conventional cancer treatment – as well as reduce recurrence.  I settled into my room then headed out to meet up with one of my oldest and best friends and we ate out at de cero taqueria in the West Loop Gate neighborhood and let me tell you their goat cheese tamales are the app to get if goat cheese is your thing.  I eat vegetarian about 90% of the time (or more …) but this trip I decided to enjoy the best of Chicago, meat or no meat.  No surprise that the veg options remain my favorites.

The next day I took a walk through the famous Printer’s Row where I picked up some travel reading material, having just finished my travel read.

Chicago is filled with remanence of the industrial era – preserved and then scattered with the best of each era.  If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.  if you don’t – well, visit!  After starting in on these reads:

I headed to the waterfront to meet my friend & her adorable 15 month old for the first time, check out the community gardens, then grabbed a yummy fresh juice at Kramer’s Health Food Store (so good I went back the next day for another).

Dinner that night at the new asian fusion restaurant Embeya – get the green papaya salad!  I think it was literally their second night open – and delish.

Only slightly obsessed with their chandeliers …. (photo from their fb page)

thai inspired coconut water cocktails … momentarily engulfing us in a SE Asian flavor romance

The next morning was a run along the waterfront before exploring more of the city and hitting up the Chipotle Cultivate festival, then heading back to the airport.  Thank you M for being such a wonderful host and showing me the best of Chicago!!  It is definitely easy to tread lightly in Chicago, I walked and/or took the train everywhere I went  (I only cabbed it late night) and noticed that everywhere seems to be offering recycling and sustainable practices.  Awesome.  A GreenPulse A+ to Chicago.

 48 hours or less – then back up in the air for a week in NH/Maine.

home sweet home