Your Body, Your Choice

Would you like the choice of having a Naturopathic Doctor as your family’s PCP?  Then sign here 🙂

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on the ACA states:

“To consider a different example in the health care market, many Americans do not eat a balanced diet. That group makes up a larger percentage of the total population than those without health insurance. See, e.g., Dept. of Agriculture and Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dietary Guide- lines for Americans 1 (2010). The failure of that group to have a healthy diet increases health care costs, to a greater extent than the failure of the uninsured to purchase insurance.”

It’s true, most Americans do not eat a balanced diet, and suffer from lifestyle diseases as a result, which in turn increases health care costs.  We live in a first world country where our poor suffer from diabetes and obesity, not starvation.  My point: read the ruling, if only the paragraph above.  The decision to include Naturopathic Physicians as Primary Care Providers is foundational to the rebuilding of our health care system.

For the skeptics, our didactic education:


Which is followed by over 1,200 hours of clinical education.  We are experts in preventative medicine, nutrition, botanicals, nutraceuticals, physical medicine among many other integrative approaches to achieving & maintaining personalized, optimal health.

To put it simply:  Sign Here.

And check out this post by Bastyr ND and researcher, Dr Erica Oberg, explaining the petition in more detail.

If the people of Texas can get 25,000+ signatures on a petition to secede from the United States, surely we have more than enough supporters of Naturopathic Medicine to support our cause to be included in the ACA as Primary Care Providers.


Can you name this NH Senator’s office?


Healthy, Happy & Advocating for you! ND students in DC at 2012 DC FLI.

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