Hydrotherapy & Eleuthero to the rescue!

The funny thing about adrenal fatigue is that people generally feel pretty good while wearing themselves down.  The thrill of spending long hard hours working hard, doing something you love and are passionate about keeps us going … until we crash.  As one of our ND profs, Dr Anderson, says – the stronger the constitution & drive, the harder the crash.  The good news is there are lots of things we can all do to prevent and help cope with burnout.

Step one:  Water Cure!


As a young teen growing up by the ocean I learned of the numerous benefits of hydrotherapy – without even knowing that such a thing existed.  There is nothing like a refreshing surf session to get your head back on straight.  I think I even worked off my very first hangover with a dip in the cold atlantic ocean.  I get in some extra hydro (read: surfing) when I go home now that we have a (very not fancy) heated outdoor shower. Spoiled!  Hard to do but – always end on cold.  It’s good to do about 3 minutes hot to 30 seconds cold.  It will leave you invigorated and is sure to give you a good nights sleep.  Hydrotherapy is good for enhancing the immune system, overall detoxification, and in healing injuries.  There are some great spas in Seattle where you can get your hydro mojo on, check out Banya 5 and Olympus spas; a few hours at Banya and I’m left with a health buzz for days!  The Bastyr Clinic is also a wonderful place to book a hydrotherapy treatment, click here for some more information from Bastyr on the many benefits of hydrotherapy.

Step 2: Adaptogens!


Eleuthero is a wonderful adaptogen (adrenal support).  It also tastes great when made in a solid extract.  Eleuthero can help improve your body’s response to chronic stress.  It’s also an antioxidant, good for the immune system and can help improve concentration and physical endurance.  Some studies even say it can lower cholesterol and strengthen digestion.  Some other great adaptogens are licorice, rhodiola and ashwagandha.

Step 3: Rest!


I choose these ridiculous pictures of myself because this is basically what coming out of adrenal fatigue looks like.  Le mari snapped these of me just after an amazing night of 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and sans caffeine.  We went away to catch some sun and relax on a very quiet island over break – so quiet there isn’t even a single traffic light!  Amazing!!  So – there you have it: rest, nature, and nurture to get yourself back into having a healthy response to stress.   A major work in progress for me.  I’m thinking of resting like this for 2 straight weeks post-boards in August.  Who’s with me?