The Green Pulse’s guide to Kissing

Sometimes being healthy can mean as little as Keeping It Simple (Sweethearts 😉 ).

Living in a society that all but begs us to eat (often cheaper) processed food; keep up with the Joneses; and overcomplicate our lives with things we don’t really need, sometimes the most we can do is to try and live simply.

So here is folks. The Green Pulse Guide to Keeping it Simple. With of course the necessary exceptions to the rules.

1) Stay hydrated. It’s simple, free and never hurts (okay there was that one case).

2) Eat lots of fruits, veggies, fiber and omega-3s. (See also: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.)

3) Don’t compare yourself to others in any realm.

4) If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it or do it. (I’d say ‘need something’ but then I’d be a hypocrite.)

6) Let bygones be bygones. Learn from mistakes, keep them in the past.

7) Don’t disparage others. It’s really just a nasty reflection of you, not the person you are disparaging. Find another hobby 😉

8) If you’re a woman, follow The Girl Code Rules. (Seriously they are awesome.)

9) Always be generous.

10) Take enough time off to breathe and enjoy your life. Figure out ways to do exactly what you want to and will most enjoy with that time.

What would you add? Enrich me please!