Mocktail Recipe

Spring is here and summer is just around the bend.  This was the coldest and longest winter that I have ever experienced.  I spent most of it in Montana.  Brrrr.  I’m so happy to finally be thawing out.  This drink recipe is for those of you that like to hold off on the alcohol now and then, but still like to enjoy the taste of a buzz sans buzz.  Add a little more apple cider vinegar if you like it stiff 😉  That is the key ingredient to my mocktail concoctions.  Enjoy!  and …. Happy Spring!  xxoC

Pomegranate Cape Codder on the Rocksphoto

Put some ice in a glass (or a recycled peanut butter jar, as shown above) and pour all ingredients in.  Gently mix with your straw and add a slice of lime!