A Naturopath’s journey into Motherhood

Hi!  I know … it’s been ages since I’ve said hello.  I’ve been busy growing a human being!  (And moving across the country … and settling into our life out here.)  View More: http://heidihaseltinephotography.pass.us/c_ambrose_maternityPregnancy was an incredible journey, and motherhood even more so.  The days seem to just fly by with my new little bundle of love.


View More: http://heidihaseltinephotography.pass.us/c_ambrose_maternity

This begs the question … what do you want to hear about?  What are your biggest questions concerning pregnancy and childbirth?  As a new mom and a Naturopathic Doctor ( … and married to a research scientist), I can say I (we, really) exhausted the research on so many scenarios that I feel obliged to share and serve you all.  Pray tell – what are your big concerns and questions?!

xxo C