Pregnancy Library

Hi everyone!  Lots of sweet requests from you all for some good pregnancy reads.  I’ll keep my list short and simple because frankly, my pregnancy reading list was just that.

For a good month to month guide, I read Dr. Sears, The Healthy Pregnancy Book (make sure to get the newest edition).


These adorable graphics are all over Dr. Sears’ book

If you’re looking for birth stories and want to read about labor from a home birth perspective check out Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. (Total hippie content, this book is not for everyone.)

If you love herbs and want to double and triple check the safety of herbs, I recommend Mills & Bone The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety.  I used this practically every day (for myself, and of course for my pregnant and nursing patients).  I have also heard great things about Herbal Medicnes in Pregnancy and Lactation, but have yet to pick it up.  (The above two books are both written for professionals, but a large portion of my readers are fellow NDs so I figured I would include them.)

Yoga for Pregnancy by Judith Lasater (Relax and Renew is also a great book by her, just not geared towards pregnancy).

And of course, Bringing Up Bebe.


I would also suggest a HypnoBirthing class if you can find one near you, the HypnoBirthing book is also wonderful.

And a few other tips.


Staying hydrated and active go a long way in pregnancy.  For me, staying active meant taking a low impact class or walking most days.  I actually found I had less morning sickness in the first trimester if I had taken an hour to do some kind of movement the evening before. (Of course, clear any activity with your doctor first, pregnancy is not the time to try new types of exercise.)


Protein in the morning can really help curb some of the morning sickness, and is always a great way to start your day.  I also found avoiding dairy helped to curb the morning sickness in the first few months, and have heard the same from other women too.  Talk to your doctor for specifics on your dietary needs in pregnancy.

(Gr)Attitude & Mindfulness:

What better time than pregnancy to practice gratitude and give thanks.  A positive mindset goes a long way.