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Nut Milk Recipe

I recently decided to give up coffee for a bit and have been experimenting with coffee alternatives.  This nut milk does the trick. Recipe: 1 1/2 cup almonds (I find soaking the nuts… Continue reading

Full Moon Musings

Growing up near the ocean, I never really questioned the moon’s impact on our earth, I witnessed it first hand.  Spring tide, neap tide, new and full moons all had huge impacts on… Continue reading

Rest In Natural Great Peace

Need a break from studying for finals? Light a candle, get comfortable, close your eyes, listen and breathe. This is one of my all time favorites.  He says it all.

Seattle is for Runners

In light of the Seattle Marathon which takes place tomorrow I decided to post some of my favorite things about running in Seattle. Lake Union railroad tracks: Running by marinas always reminds me… Continue reading

Olive Oil, COX inhibition & Ayurveda ….

Ever wonder what is up with that stinging sensation in the back of your throat after ingesting olive oil??  Many olive oil connoisseurs have long considered the immediate tickle in the back of… Continue reading

Cool down with Cucumber

A combination of this morning’s run around Lake Union in the Seattle sun and it being finals week … I am feeling a little pitta deranged.  I decided to make some cucumber water… Continue reading


I came to the study of Naturopathic Medicine as an avid yogini.  I ate, slept, drank and breathed yoga from my late teens up until about five years ago when a wrist injury… Continue reading