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Redefining Health Care

With all the buzz around health care these days and no real answers, Americans are being forced to take a good look at all the options.  I believe that Naturopathic Medicine could be… Continue reading


When I started this blog almost exactly a year ago I thought I’d post an ‘eco chic pick of the week’ on a regular basis.  But, time is of the essence (for a… Continue reading

Happy Love Day

“We cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.”  -Mother Teresa Running with Oliver and Alison made my morning: A VDay party this weekend to kick… Continue reading

Supplements in the News: Do you take a Multi-Vitamin?

Supplements have been receiving a lot of media lately.  I am interested in hearing from you all – how many of you take a multi and if so, why?  Who suggested it? Thanks!!

Coffee: It’s healthier than you think?

You be the judge! Thank you for stopping by folks!

The great meat debate

Just because you can’t see it …..

Consider your impact.  Do something extra today. Ad from Surfrider Foundation Barcelona.

Confessions of an Ecoholic.

Do you:  feel uncomfortable in clothing made in sweatshops?  Call your credit card company before flying to negate your miles with a carbon offset program?  Take public transport rather than a cab or… Continue reading

Eco-Fashion: Alkemie Jewelry

I took a break from studying for boards to check out this L.A. based husband and wife team at Alkemie Jewelry.  I first came across them at Bliss in Portsmouth, NH and fell in… Continue reading

Biofilms, Plaque & Cistus incanus

I have briefly touched upon the subject of biofilms and hope to expand upon that discussion in its relationship to Lyme and TBD (tick borne disease) in the future.  However, I recently became… Continue reading