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Best Birthday Yet

Thanks to my incredible family and husband.  Some highlights: Waking up in paradise …. (Literally to a mariachi band outside our room.) Beautiful beaches (albeit flat surf): Blue skys: Paparazzing ourselves before going… Continue reading

Begin Again …. Feliz 2012!

Three New Year wishes: Honesty, Harmony & Health These adorable faux feathered trees are all over the hotel we’re staying at: Growing up, we celebrated the holiday season until Three Kings Day, a… Continue reading

Counting my blessings

One by one and all at once. Today and every day. Thank you all for spreading light in my little corner of the world.


I came to the study of Naturopathic Medicine as an avid yogini.  I ate, slept, drank and breathed yoga from my late teens up until about five years ago when a wrist injury… Continue reading

British Columbia’s Black Bears

When we were right about here on our beautiful B.C. run this afternoon:  a biker passed by and calmly cautioned:  “Bear cub up ahead.”  It took a few moments to comprehend what he’d… Continue reading