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A Naturopath’s journey into Motherhood

Hi!  I know … it’s been ages since I’ve said hello.  I’ve been busy growing a human being!  (And moving across the country … and settling into our life out here.)  Pregnancy was… Continue reading

Top Foods to Fight Cancer

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend) everyone!  Here are some tips on what types of foods you can begin to incorporate into your diet to help prevent cancer, reduce recurrence, enhance your immune system and… Continue reading

Naturopathic Medicine Week

Each May, I join dozens of Naturopathic Doctors and students in our annual Federal Legislative Initiative (DC FLI).  I am very proud to say that all of our efforts at DC FLI have… Continue reading

Balancing Act: Gut Health

Gut Health gains recognition form the scientific community All Diseases Begin in the Gut (Hippocrates, 460-370 BC) I spent some of my break reading the book Full Body Presence, which starts by exploring an interesting… Continue reading

What makes a blog & Finals week

Next week we will embark on our last set of finals as third year med students!  Time really has flown; I couldn’t have done it without the incredible group of peers I have… Continue reading

The Blueberry Supreme

I’ve been motivated to get back into smoothies by my classmate Heather at North Shore Natural Health.  She has been posting some delightful smoothie recipes and discussing the benefits of specific fruits and… Continue reading

Redefining Health Care

With all the buzz around health care these days and no real answers, Americans are being forced to take a good look at all the options.  I believe that Naturopathic Medicine could be… Continue reading

Economy of the Heart & Forgiveness

An undeniable part of what we do as Naturopathic Doctors takes place on the emotional realm.  I’m currently on my first counseling shift at the Bastyr Clinic, and I have a feeling that… Continue reading

Botanical Medicine: Reishi Chocolate Recipe

You will not believe how delicious this recipe is.  Add this to your holiday recipe repertoire for a wintertime immune boost :).  Reishi peanut butter cup anyone?! On the heels of a survey:… Continue reading

Atmospheric Mercury Measurements

I was going through some photos on my computer this weekend and realized that some of you might be interested in hearing a little bit about my husband’s work.  He is currently working… Continue reading