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Winter Tonic is Hot!

This product is all the rage at Bastyr this winter. Based in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar infused with garlic, beet, parsley, ginger and cayenne. The cayenne is heating and stimulates circulation along with… Continue reading

October Edition of Hand-warmers!

In Chinese medicine fall is represented by the element Metal.  Metal is: inward, contracting, yin, lung, grief, dryness & sadness.  Seems rather fitting, n’est pas?  Crackling leaves, halloween, harvest time … I was… Continue reading

Just because you can’t see it …..

Consider your impact.  Do something extra today. Ad from Surfrider Foundation Barcelona.

Confessions of an Ecoholic.

Do you:  feel uncomfortable in clothing made in sweatshops?  Call your credit card company before flying to negate your miles with a carbon offset program?  Take public transport rather than a cab or… Continue reading

Green Habits

Small daily habits matter.  I snapped a photo of the drying rack that my endlessly thoughtful mother in law gifted us.  She knows that we reuse our plastic bags and wanted to make… Continue reading

Everyday is Earth Day!!

     Happy Earth Day!  Did you do anything extra today (small or big)?