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Trends in Atmospheric CO2

I like to think that most of my readers are actively engaged in doing their part to limit the weight of their carbon footprint.  I’ve talked before about my daily green habits, and… Continue reading


It has been a very busy few weeks!  Hence the lack of posts.  Some highlights: Trick or treaters … and Halloween celebrations: Two weeks worth of midterms ….. Amidst five family members’ birthdays… Continue reading

Palliate: Word of the Day

I receive a “word-of-the-day” in my email everyday (from Merriam-Webster).  Today’s word is one every ND knows well: palliate.  We often ask ourselves: are we suppressing or palliating here (this patient, symptom etc)?… Continue reading

Atmospheric Mercury Measurements

I was going through some photos on my computer this weekend and realized that some of you might be interested in hearing a little bit about my husband’s work.  He is currently working… Continue reading

Music & Nature

Two things that continually provide me with healing, comfort and ease:  Music and Nature.  My mother in law sent this picture to me today.  She took it last night in New Hampshire at… Continue reading

The Arizona Biltmore

I’ve spent the past week at the annual American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) Convention, which took place at the Arizona Biltmore this year.  I was working for Wise Woman Herbals and was… Continue reading