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Pregnancy Library

Hi everyone!  Lots of sweet requests from you all for some good pregnancy reads.  I’ll keep my list short and simple because frankly, my pregnancy reading list was just that. For a good… Continue reading

A Naturopath’s journey into Motherhood

Hi!  I know … it’s been ages since I’ve said hello.  I’ve been busy growing a human being!  (And moving across the country … and settling into our life out here.)  Pregnancy was… Continue reading

Birth Stories

Yesterday, in our Normal Maternity class, some of us shared birth stories, mostly those of our mothers.  We had done this in another course I had taken, Midwifery Wisdom, and I think we… Continue reading

Women’s Health and Naturopathy

This interview features Dr. Jane Guiltinan ND, who is the dean of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr.  You can read her bio here (she’s kind of a big deal).  For those of you curious about… Continue reading