British Columbia’s Black Bears

When we were right about here on our beautiful B.C. run this afternoon:  a biker passed by and calmly cautioned:  “Bear cub up ahead.”  It took a few moments to comprehend what he’d… Continue reading

Lessons in Venipuncture by Dr. Pre

As medical Students, we spend a full year learning how to draw blood and complete various laboratory tests.  Once in practice, however, we will normally send our specimen samples out for testing, rather… Continue reading

Current Read

Find more info here. Though more appropriately stated as on my list of things to read in my ‘spare time’ … so far I find it rather stirring.  Have you ever read any… Continue reading

Training and Education of Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Medical Education (most of these classes are part of the first 2 years): The remainder of our education is mostly clinical as well as the ‘ologys’ (cardiology, dermatology, oncology etc).  Many ND… Continue reading

Breaking down the biofilms

Biofilms are a hot topic in the Lyme/TBD world, but are a topic worth discussion in the treatment of bacterial infections in general.  Biofilms enable bacteria to resist anti-biotic treatment as well as… Continue reading

Nightshades & Arthritis

I was recently discussing the avoidance of vegetables in the Solanaceae family to help relieve symptoms of arthritis with a fellow classmate who, to my surprise, had not yet heard of this.  I… Continue reading

Science & Policy

Above: ideal Below: more realistic photo taken from EOS, an AGU weekly publication. and posted from Washington D.C., how appropriate :).

tea blending ….

Try making your own tea as a part of your spring self-care routine!  I’ll post several suggested combinations ….. here is one of my favorites. Cleansing Allergy Tea 1 part Nettles  (Urtica dioica)… Continue reading

Everyday is Earth Day!!

     Happy Earth Day!  Did you do anything extra today (small or big)?

Smoke, Mirrors & Mad Hatters (Hg & Cd toxicity …)

Cadmium  … and mad hatters. Environmental toxicology is one of my favorite topics in medicine.  Stay tuned for more info on these topics …