What’s in a friend?

So another quarter down and just 2 away from my debut as an actual doctor.  What next?  You may ask … Gratitude. I have been thinking a lot about how my life feels… Continue reading

Your Body, Your Choice

Would you like the choice of having a Naturopathic Doctor as your family’s PCP?  Then sign here 🙂 The Supreme Court’s Ruling on the ACA states: “To consider a different example in the… Continue reading

48 Hours in Chicago

I arrived in Chicago around 8pm on Thursday night to a heard of paparazzi.  The doorman helped me out of my cab, winked at me and joked: ‘They knew you were coming.’  I… Continue reading

Maine in September

It is the best time of year up here.  The surf is up, the sand is in, the tourists are gone and the air is crisp and so fresh it will leave you… Continue reading

Loving Kindness

Love tells me I am everything. Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Between these two, my life flows. Nisargadatta One of my teachers at Bastyr once said that all illness comes from home… Continue reading

Creating the foundation for a healthy life

Why has preventing disease become so complicated in our society?  It’s not that complicated. “To consider a different example in the health care market, many Americans do not eat a balanced diet. That… Continue reading

It takes a Village

As I start my 4th and final year in the ND program with some trepidation, I can not help but look back on all the ups and downs along the way.  I have… Continue reading

What makes a blog & Finals week

Next week we will embark on our last set of finals as third year med students!  Time really has flown; I couldn’t have done it without the incredible group of peers I have… Continue reading

The Zingiber Revival!

What a weekend!  The weather turned out much better than expected and my sweetie and I got to spend some QT together again.  Two weekends in a row, a rarity these days.  Friday… Continue reading

Thank You

Whether you are about to dig in and relish this three day weekend, or are headed to work to fend off the crowds of white pant wearing consumers from behind your retail or… Continue reading