The Blueberry Supreme

I’ve been motivated to get back into smoothies by my classmate Heather at North Shore Natural Health.  She has been posting some delightful smoothie recipes and discussing the benefits of specific fruits and… Continue reading

Redefining Health Care

With all the buzz around health care these days and no real answers, Americans are being forced to take a good look at all the options.  I believe that Naturopathic Medicine could be… Continue reading

Economy of the Heart & Forgiveness

An undeniable part of what we do as Naturopathic Doctors takes place on the emotional realm.  I’m currently on my first counseling shift at the Bastyr Clinic, and I have a feeling that… Continue reading

Full Moon Musings

Growing up near the ocean, I never really questioned the moon’s impact on our earth, I witnessed it first hand.  Spring tide, neap tide, new and full moons all had huge impacts on… Continue reading

Trends in Atmospheric CO2

I like to think that most of my readers are actively engaged in doing their part to limit the weight of their carbon footprint.  I’ve talked before about my daily green habits, and… Continue reading


When I started this blog almost exactly a year ago I thought I’d post an ‘eco chic pick of the week’ on a regular basis.  But, time is of the essence (for a… Continue reading


I am a little bit intimidated at the thought of posting after 2 weeks of Cyber silence. (Though  I highly recommend leaving your laptop behind whenever you can.)  So here’s some sweet quotes… Continue reading

Rest In Natural Great Peace

Need a break from studying for finals? Light a candle, get comfortable, close your eyes, listen and breathe. This is one of my all time favorites.  He says it all.

Somewhere else

I love this image.  This is where I want to be come 6 pm tomorrow night.  If you’re going to go for it, you may as well go all out – right?  (Personally,… Continue reading

The Weekend: En Vrai

It has been a very long week for me.  (Long quarter, really.  I have class most weekends, and 13 classes total … gulp!)  But still, not long in the: ‘This is more than… Continue reading