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Top Foods to Fight Cancer

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend) everyone!  Here are some tips on what types of foods you can begin to incorporate into your diet to help prevent cancer, reduce recurrence, enhance your immune system and… Continue reading

Seattle is for Runners

In light of the Seattle Marathon which takes place tomorrow I decided to post some of my favorite things about running in Seattle. Lake Union railroad tracks: Running by marinas always reminds me… Continue reading

Winter Tonic is Hot!

This product is all the rage at Bastyr this winter. Based in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar infused with garlic, beet, parsley, ginger and cayenne. The cayenne is heating and stimulates circulation along with… Continue reading

Botanical Medicine: Reishi Chocolate Recipe

You will not believe how delicious this recipe is.  Add this to your holiday recipe repertoire for a wintertime immune boost :).  Reishi peanut butter cup anyone?! On the heels of a survey:… Continue reading

SarahSue’s creation

Someone asked me today what I blog about.  It took me a minute, but I realized that I blog about things that inspire me.  So, here is an example of something that inspires… Continue reading

Olive Oil, COX inhibition & Ayurveda ….

Ever wonder what is up with that stinging sensation in the back of your throat after ingesting olive oil??  Many olive oil connoisseurs have long considered the immediate tickle in the back of… Continue reading

In the garden: Digitalis

We are so lucky to have a garden at our house in Seattle complete with pear, apple, plum and fig trees!  We are very grateful for our small slice of nature amidst the… Continue reading

Biofilms, Plaque & Cistus incanus

I have briefly touched upon the subject of biofilms and hope to expand upon that discussion in its relationship to Lyme and TBD (tick borne disease) in the future.  However, I recently became… Continue reading

Cool down with Cucumber

A combination of this morning’s run around Lake Union in the Seattle sun and it being finals week … I am feeling a little pitta deranged.  I decided to make some cucumber water… Continue reading

tea blending ….

Try making your own tea as a part of your spring self-care routine!  I’ll post several suggested combinations ….. here is one of my favorites. Cleansing Allergy Tea 1 part Nettles  (Urtica dioica)… Continue reading